Saturday, July 16, 2005

BlueStorm Express Lane!

Hillary Doesn't Like "Hot Coffee"

Well, it looks like a new mouthpiece has emerged when it comes to complaining about the content in videogames. Move over Joe Lieberman! Hillary Clinton has found lemons to make her lemonade in the form of GTA: San Andreas. If you haven't heard by now, a hacker from Germany has figured out how to "unlock" a sex-minigame in the PC version of GTA San Andreas, releasing the patch as "hot coffee". Didn't take long for a California congressman and Hillary Clinton to claim GTA: SA as "pornographic" and suggest that Rockstar slap the game with an AO rating. Rockstar claims they have nothing to do with this, and somebody just made up this mod for the game. Way to play your cards straight, Rockstar, because now people have found out how to unlock the sex minigame in the PS2 version through a cheat device. Ooops, they did it again!

Regardless of wether or not Rockstar was planning on putting this minigame in the game, I think it's still within the bounds of the M-rating. People are seeming to forget that the MATURE rating is for ages 17 and older, as it states right on the front of the box with the words MATURE 17+. Why is this acceptable for an R-rated movie, but not for an M-rated game. If you're so concerned about your kids playing this game, DON'T BUY OR RENT IT FOR THEM. I've witnessed in games stores a couple of times where a parent bought their kid a GTA game. Where's the responsibillity? Why does the gaming industry have to be held up to stricter standards than the film or music industry?

I say to those who bought the game for their kid and are now insulted/mortified/disgusted, SHUT UP AND READ THE DAMN LABEL THAT YOU COULDN'T TAKE 3 SECONDS TO READ! If you wouldn't let your child see an R-rated movie, then why would you buy them an M-rated game? Stop feigining ignorance and accept the fact you made a mistake. The game industry only makes the games. You are the ones who buy it. Use a little thing called discression.

Can You Have A 360 Without A Halo?

I've noticed that the Xbox 360 really doesn't seem to have a Halo, or a "Halo"-like game to launch their system this November. Now, there could be a suprise announcement in the future that a new Halo is on the way on or after 360 launch, but the reason why the Xbox sold so well was Halo. I'm not sure if games such as Project Gotham 3 (as promising as it looks) would be enough to sell the system. Perhaps Microsoft may sell the system on anticipation alone (there have been many pre-order sell-outs), with the promise of a new Halo on the horizon. We'll have to see.

Abandonment Issues

More on Microsoft, this time about the current Xbox. I think it's rather foolish of Microsoft to pretty much quit developing for their current system and move straight to the next one. This is basically going to be the biggest and last fall season for the current gen consoles, and Sony and Nintendo plan on making the most of it in terms of first-party offerings. Microsoft really doesn't have much to offer but two games from it's development studios. The rest seem to be moving on to Xbox 360. While there will be no shortage for games from third-party companies this fall for the Xbox, it's kind of disappointing to see that Microsoft won't be playing a big party of the fall season this year.

Quick 5: Music-Based Games
  1. Amplitude
  2. Frequency
  3. Um Jammer Lammy
  4. MTV Music Generator
  5. Dance Dance Revolution Series


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