Saturday, July 02, 2005

Is There A Point To See The Movie, Or Play The Game?

Something interesting has happened recently with licensed games based upon movies. No, not all of them have gotten better. Two recent releases, Star Wars Episode III and Batman Begins, uses the entire storyline of the film for the games. Now while this adds authenticity, you would have to wonder why see the movie when you've played the game, or the other way around? I'm sure many go and see the movie and end up renting (or buying) the game to re-live the experience. But since you get the story either way, why bother doing one or the other? Well, the films usually look better than what is done in games, and basically you just watch what is going on. In the case of the games, you can play in the world of the movies. But when LucasArts does a bonehead thing and release the game two weeks before the movie, revealing spoilers, you have to wonder, "why"? Sure, it's an easy way for a game company to make a quick buck (especially if the film does well), but why not hold the game until the movie is out? Hopefully, this isn't a continuing trend.

Just Finished Last Night:
Resident Evil 4 (GC)

Recently Started Playing Again After 8 Or So Months:
Dead To Rights (GC)


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