Thursday, July 14, 2005

No Matter How You Dress It Up, It's Still A Whore

In a recent article from our local newspaper, The Press-Enterprise, it was said that game companies may be putting 10-second spot commercials in games. While it didn't point out who would be considering this and when (**cough**EA...), this is kind of a bit of a sleazy step in trying to whore out more product. It's bad enough with the static images we see in games like Need For Speed Underground 2 (which was one of the worst offenders last year when it came to ads in games).

Look, I don't care if the ads are relevant to the game your playing. Take Gran Turismo 4, for instance. There are ads and billboards for cars, car products and such, but it's authentic and things you would actually see on a race course. It's not there for the sake of making money, it is for realism. Same goes for Project Gotham Racing's courses that feature real-world landmarks that may also be fast-food chains or retail stores. If it's there in reality, then it's fine. But when someone like EA forces things like Best Buy stores or billboards for cups of soup in a street-racing game, a line needs to be drawn. Even older games such as Crazy Taxi has it's fair share of whoring, by throwing in Pizza Huts, GAP stores and so on.

Now, they want to actually put commercials in games? It's bad enough that we have to put up with this at the movies. Pay $8-9 to see a movie, and watch 5 minutes of TV-spots you could see at home. Now, we'll be paying $40-50 for games to have commercials get in our way. Come on. Unless these ads can make the games cheaper, I really can't see a good reason of them being there. Sure, it may help the company trying to sell the crap they're trying to sell you, since you're not watching it on TV, but really, doesn't help us out one bit.

Hopefully, in the future, game companies will be smarter about in-game advertising in the future, rather than just whoring themselves for a quick dollar.


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